Example of premium photography service
Example of premium photography services

Premium photography services include:
1. 30- 60 interior and/or exterior images.
2. Color management to reflect the true color and tones of the property as much as is possible when viewing over the internet,
with different web browsers and monitors with varying degrees of color accuracy, brightness and settings.
3. Perspective corrected images to straighten vertical lines for a more natural and pleasing photo.
4. Optimized for viewing on the MLS and other real estate marketing websites and media. 
5. Photos are made available for direct download and delivered via Dropbox email link.
6. Includes window pulls where applicable. (scenic views from windows where the view is a prominent selling point or feature.)
(quality window pulls require more time and expertise to obtain professionally)
7. Fully insured, courteous and experienced photographer on site. (owner / operator)
8. Fast turn around!
The client only, has the license to use the photos / video as needed to market the home successfully.
Contact me directly for rate information.

Rates may vary depending on travel and / or how technical a home is to photograph.
(some properties are very fast and easy to photograph while others can take longer as they require
more technical experience to light and photograph professionally.)

Professional Real Estate Video using DJI Phantom 4 Pro+, Canon 5dM4 and gimbal stabilization.

Includes still edits in post production for high contrast scenes.

Video services: 
Video production services:
2-3 minute HD 1920 x 1080 video walk through.
(Does not include still photography services)
Contact me for price information.

Licensed drone services where applicable but determined by FAA air space:
Exterior video and still photography fly overs where higher angles are needed to best show the property that cannot be obtained by other means
(Does not include still photography services)
Some FAA authorizations may be required in certain locations depending on air space the property could be located within and air space authorizations are not guaranteed by the FAA.
Other FAA  flight restrictions may be in place at any given location at any given time and drone services can’t be guaranteed with absolute certainty for every time and location. 

Prices for still photography.
<1500 sf 110.00
>1500 sf 125.00
> 2000 sf 150.00
>2500 sf (home by home basis)